Description: Inops is a puzzle based 2D side scroller. The aim of the game is to stay alive and guide all the Inops through each level. There are lots of traps/ways to die, puzzles, and even other Inops waiting to be awoken within each level to add to your numbers! Inops are also able to join, and become one big Inop, which helps complete levels by merging them together or…

Keepy Uppy Mania

Tap the football with your finger tip and keep it from falling for as long as you can! Share you best scores with your friends on Facebook. Enjoy numerous unlockable skins for the ball to enhance your experience. Screenshots: Download: iOS Download     Android Download     Windows Download     Amazon Download    

Butterfly Chase

Choose a butterfly and fly over the colorful world collecting pollen, but watch out for the other bugs! See how long you can survive and how many butterflies you can unlock. Each Butterfly is linked to one of of five colorful styles so be sure to select the best one for you! Disco Mode adds a new dynamic where all the colors are constantly changing so if you do decide…

Kite Trip

Journey through as a kite where attention and focus are key to you reaching your longest run! Don’t let the shapes distract you as they will shoot out orbs to the tempo of the music. For the best experience turn up your volume or use headphones! Download now and see how long you can last in this exciting yet challenging game!Screenshots: Download: iOS Download     Android Download    …

Balloon Dash

Fly through the atmosphere for as long you can as you head into space in this fun filled game for everyone to enjoy. Avoid objects and enemies as you make your way up, with power ups to aid you on your way! As you collect more points and beat your high score you will unlock many different characters. Download now and see how far you can go in this fun…

Basketball Hoop Toss

Test your accuracy and skill in this simple basketball hoop toss challenge. See how many baskets you can make in a row.  But watch out because it gets very addictive! Beat your best, share and compete with friends! Download Now. Screenshots: Download: iOS Download    Android Download     Windows Download     Amazon Download    

Color Spinner

Color spinner is a simple yet challenging game to test your reaction and concentration. How many times can you get the cursor on the right color? Download now and find out how fast you are and if you can beat the wheel before the wheel beats you! Screenshots: Download: iOS Download     Android Download     Windows Download     Amazon Download    

Save The Ball!

Test your focus and control with this crazy little game. How many hits can you make whilst keeping the ball within the circle? The ball can be very upredictable so react fast! Download it now and see how many bounces you can get. Screenshots: Download: iOS Download     Android Download     Windows Download     Amazon Download    

Shape Survivor

Test your self against all of the shapes and see what you are capable of. As you progress more shapes get involved. Can you be the Shape Survivor? Screenshots:

Vector Feud

Vector Feud is a challenging arcade shooter that will test your skills and reflexes. Blast though the campaign mode to unlock special weapons, you will need them defeat the bosses. Play Arcade mode and compare your high-scores against the rest of the world Screenshots: